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About Drupal Swag Shop

Drupal Swag Shop is an intitative to offer sustainably sourced Drupal branded merchandise that both promotes Drupal and generates revenue for the Drupal Association.

Welcome to the BETA version of the Drupal Swag Shop - the place for all your official Drupal Swag.

We will be promoting the Swag Shop over the coming months so we can trial the response and demand. If successful, the key next step will be to create new designs, which is something we want the community to get involved with. You can submit your ideas as issues on the Drupal Swag Shop Working Group project on


To ensure the Drupal Swag Shop is a sustainable project, we are actively seeking volunteers to join the Drupal Swag Shop Working Group. There is not a huge investment of time required but we want a big enough working group to ensure we keep thing moving.

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